A Day in Puducherry

I am a big fan of European cities and architecture.Ever since I learnt about the French Colony of Puducherry, I have been tempted to visit this place. After almost five years of long wait, my husband and I managed to plan a weekend getaway to Puducherry from Bangalore (which is where I now live and love) and it was the best weekend I could have hoped for.

Literally my first shot in Puducherry, you could guess my excitement! 🙂
Sporting Bridesmaid! We were happy to witness some wedding frenzy as soon as we entered our hotel. The pretty ladies in pink were more than ready to pose when I requested for a picture!!

Scrumptious french food at @Villa Shanti and we were all pepped up for the Pondi white town walk!!

Just bang across our hotel ( De L’Orient), was Embroidery private house which I wasn’t aware of while planning my Puducherry itinerary. I only noticed it while gazing out of the hotel balcony. Apart from its french feel, what caught my attention were the women engaged in the embroidery activity inside.Luckily, they noticed my curiosity and invited me inside. Without wasting any time I grabbed my camera and ran right across the street to this serene looking house. Inside was a very pleasing and homey vibe with the women welcoming and showing me their incredible work. They were mostly from Puducherry and villages around it. It was already a great start to my day as I sat and chit chatted with them with Tamil radio songs in the background.

Loved the way they displayed the colourful threads @EmbroideryPrivateHouse


That’s Mary, Meena and Ragini (I asked for their names as well :D)  who invited me inside and showed me around. My happy picture!

What amazed me was that they invited me during  the non-visiting hours and asked what my name was so that they could address me with it while we chatted. This was the most highlighted experience of my trip for sure. Besides the beautiful french and traditional architecture, colourful and clean streets, delicious fusion food, its the people who bring life to and make Puducherry a unique place to be.

And a few more pics from my incredible time in Puducherry!! Cheers!! 🙂




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